Delia Sfetcu

Delia Sfetcu


I am, first and foremost, a proud Romanian. My active association with IWA began in 2015, when after a career in corporate management, I changed my focus to my family and the things that I enjoy most! So, after 3 years as a member of the Charity Committee, I accepted the role of Charity Committee Chair and when IWA’s Contingency Committee was created in 2019, I joined as one of its three members.

These six years in IWA have made me realize how much I value our cultural diversity: we speak several languages and call many countries home, but the universal language of philanthropy, which binds hearts and minds, is one that we all share. It is this same spirit of kindness and compassion that creates the magic of the IWA Christmas Bazaar, which

I’m honoured to support as a country coordinator for Romania.

Nationality: Romanian

Year Joined IWA Bucharest – 2015

Previous IWA Board and Christmas Bazaar Positions (if any)Charity

2017-2018 Romania Table at Bazaar 2016, 2017

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