Gillian Adamson

Gillian Adamson

Vice - President

Originally from Northern Ireland, in February 2018 my husband and I left our adoptive home of Southampton and my management position in a Further Education College in London for Bucharest and a new adventure.

I joined IWA to help with its charity, with no idea what else IWA had to offer. As you can imagine I was pleasantly surprised by meeting new people from all over the world; the great events and activities coming as a huge bonus.

Here I am four years on, having immersed myself in the amazing history, culture, food and wine that Romania has to offer. At the same time helping IWA continue to enrich my life, its member’s lives and the lives of those less fortunate than ourselves by remaining true to IWA’s ethos of making friends, exploring Bucharest and supporting our charities.

Nationality: British/Irish

Year Joined IWA Bucharest – February 2018


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