Monika Puiu

Monica Puiu


My name is Monika Puiu, I was born and raised in Austria and moved to Romania for my job in 1988. For many years I lived for my job, travelling and learning astrology and other esoterical and spiritual practices. In the mid-nineties my hobbies were replaced by my husband and our children.

In the meantime the children are students and out of the house, I am retired and returned to travelling, astrology and spiritual practises.

My husband and I love to go to Greece and Cyprus and other places at the beach. We enjoy good food and wine. Romania has many hidden gems, spiritual and energetic places that I treasure and visit often. We have a house in Bukovina, at the edge of a forest, on the grounds, and part of a pension and we spend time there. I work as often as possible as a mentor, live coach, astrologer and shamanic therapist in a center, Wayra Astrae, which I founded in Bucharest.

I call Romania my home and I am very grateful for all that I have experienced in this country.

Nationality: Austrian

Year Joined IWA Bucharest – 2019

Previous IWA Board and Christmas Bazaar Positions (if any)

End of the nineties and in the nought years I organised the Austrian christmas bazaar table with the Austrian community.

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