IWAThe International Women's Association of Bucharest
IWA is a volunteer-run nonprofit association, bringing people together since 1978. 

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The International Women's Association of Bucharest is an independent, voluntary, charitable, non-profit and apolitical organization. The purpose of IWA is to promote friendship amongst women of all nationalities living in Romania, and to introduce its foreign members to the life and culture of our host country. In addition, IWA raises funds to support such charitable projects and organizations as IWA determines to be sound and worthy recipients of funding. IWA was founded in 1978 by members of the diplomatic community and local women, and became a legal association in 2000.

Activities and Events

IWA History


Please contact us via email:  iwabucharest@gmail.com

For business purposes, our new mailing address is:

IWA: International Women's Association of Bucharest

Strada Elena Clucereasa nr 11, ground floor, office nr 14

District 1, Bucharest

Registration address pending change of address*:

IWA: The International Women's Association of Bucharest
Str. Gheorghe Lazar nr. 5B, ground floor, apt. 1, 
Sector 1, Bucharest, Romania

*We are in the process of updating our address with fiscal authorities

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IWA members are from


different countries

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IWA Volunteer Council and Committees
June 2019 - May 2020

President: Terry O’Donnell Parsons (American)

Vice President: Deborah Harper-Christian (American)

Second Vice President: Gillian Adamson (British-Irish)

Treasurer: Claudia Andrei (Romanian-American)

Secretary: Irina Moreno (Romanian-Canadian)

Charity Chair: Delia Sfetcu (Romanian)

Supported by a large team

Membership Team 

Win Larsen (Filipino), Cheryl Shirzadi (American)Beatrice Cante (French), Alison Gritis (American) 

Activities Team

Jenny Busaidy (British), Tanya He (Norwegian/Chinese),  Ana Zuravliova (Lithuanian)

Supported by: Shirley Navone (Belgian)Silvia Margineanu (Romanian)

Communications Team

Chair: Zuzana Mandic (Czech)

Website: Andreea Rusu (Romanian) 

Social Media: Kathrin Finke (German) 

Supported by: Yuliana Garmash (Russian)Zoe Popa (Bulgarian-German)Monica Bommer-Neuner (Austrian), Suzanne LeBlanc (Canadian) 

Fundraising Team 
Coffee Mornings: Mary Stefan (Romanian-American)


Charity Christmas Bazaar Chair

Marina Coanda Bundac (Romanian-American)

Supported by a large team

Contingency: Georgiana Poganaru (Romanian), Delia Sfetcu (Romanian), and Marina Coanda Bundac (Romanian-American)

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