The International Women's Association of Bucharest:  a volunteer run nonprofit association, bringing people together since 1978


IWA supports charitable organizations by providing grants for short-term projects in order to improve the lives of disadvantaged Romanians. 

We encourage NGOs to apply for grants meeting the following criteria:

     project should aim to improve the lives of disadvantaged Romanians.
  • Grants are for specific projects to be completed within 4 months of receiving funding. IWA does not fund salaries, training, utilities, rent or other ongoing expenses. IWA does not fund vehicles.
  • The project should be within 60 km of Bucharest.
  • Applications are accepted from NGOs registered in Romania that have been active at least 2 years.
  • The maximum grant per project is 25000 RON. 
  • NGOs may submit applications for new projects 2 years after receiving previous project funds.
  • If an application is accepted for consideration, IWA Charity Committee members will carry out site visits to determine if the project meets funding criteria and to verify project completion.
  • Funds shall not be granted to any organization that promotes a specific ideology or view, or a specific religious belief, or in any way discriminates a beneficiary according to race, religion, or political views.

Any charity which has questions about what may or may not be funded, or which needs assistance in completing the application, should contact the Charity Committee. We are happy to help. 

Please click the link below to download an application:  IWA Charity Grant Application

Please email the application to: iwa.charity@gmail.com

We look forward to working with you,

Delia Sfetcu
IWA Charity Coordinator 2018-2019

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