As a registered NGO, IWA welcomes donations to support its Charity Grants program. Donations of any amount or size are greatly appreciated.

One time or recurring monthly donations can be made to IWA via bank transfer.

Our bank account details:

Bank: Alpha Bank Romania

Account name: Asociaţia Internationala a Femeilor din Bucuresti

IBAN accounts:

RON Account: RO15BUCU049959772511RO01

EURO Account: RO69BUCU049959772511EU01

Please email us to let us know you’ve donated as we’d like to be able to thank you and issue the proper receipts.

Donate 2% Income Tax

If you pay Romanian income tax, the law gives you the opportunity to direct 2% of your income tax towards the IWA Charity Account to be donated to our selected beneficiaries throughout the year.

The procedure is easy: you need to complete Form 230. Do not calculate the amount of your 2% tax donation – the Agenţia Naţională de Administrare Fiscală (ANAF) will do that for you. You must deliver the completed form to your local ANAF office by post or in person by March 15th.

Please let us know if you support IWA, we’d love to say thank you!

Donate 20% Profit Tax or 0.5% of your Turn-Over

The Sponsorship Law and the Tax Code allow companies subject to profits tax to grant sponsorships to organizations from certain areas (for example, charitable organizations) and to benefit from tax incentives in certain conditions provided by the law.

The expense made with sponsorships is not a tax deductible expense, but it may represent tax credit, that is, it may reduce the taxable profit payable with the full amount of sponsorship offered. Talk to your accountant about supporting IWA Charity with this option. Please contact us for any assistance required.


Join the IWA Charity Committee for the opportunity to visit and learn about some outstanding nonprofit associations working in greater Bucharest.

Individual members of IWA have volunteered with a wide range of groups over the years. While the pandemic has affected volunteering opportunities,well-known groups include:

Sister Rose (Our Lady of Mercy) runs a Creative Group for senior citizens, and always needs helping hands and crafting ideas. She also welcomes help in the office and/or sorting through and donating supplies.


In addition to special collections at Christmas and Easter, many charities welcome donations throughout the year. All items should be either new or CLEAN and in GOOD REPAIR. (While donations are greatly appreciated, these associations do not have the resources to fix broken or dirty items.)

Please contact them in advance.

Sister Rose for food, clothing, items for house-bound senior citizens and impoverished families. Also welcomes craft supplies to be used by the senior group.

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