The International Women's Association of Bucharest:  a volunteer run nonprofit association, bringing people together since 1978

IWA Charity Grants help a diverse group of local nongovernmental organizations.
Below you will find some of the organizations we have supported - click the link for their sites.

2019 Charity Grants

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Habitat for Humanity 

Funded: 40 000 lei to help build a family home in Berceni,

as part of a Woman-Build project.

Special Grant in honor of IWA's 40th Anniversary.

Light into Europe 

Funded: 11 500 lei for a machine that prints 3D maps and guides.

Mission: to provide essential support for blind and deaf children.


Casa Ioana
Funded: 24 983 RON for furniture for renovated shelter.

Mission: to provide temporary accommodation to

victims of domestic abuse.

Asociatia Viata si Lumina
Funded: 25 085 lei for new furniture and a special washing machine. dental equipment and air purifier. Mission: to prevent children and youth from social exclusion, offering a home for an undefined period of time.

Muncitoarele lui Isus

Grant: 16 000 RON for creating a playground area.

Mission: to offer support for children from high risk community.

Touched Romania
Grant: 4500 RON  for refrigerator, wardrobe and bathroom equipment. Mission: to offer emotional, educational and material support for

victims of sexual and domestic abuse.

Food Bank
Grant: 23 300 lei for special shelving for storing food pallets. Mission: to collect food from the big retailers and redistribute to other NGO's. Beneficiaries: 75 other charities.

Asociatia Sportif Gymnastics Team
Grant: 11 000 lei for air conditioning, ballet bar and wardrobes.

Mission: to support and train gymnasts to become national champions.

Help The People
Grant: 22 000 lei to refurbish the center. 

Mission: to help mentally disabled adults.

SOS Satele Copiilor
Grant: 24 770 lei for furniture and home accessories.

Mission: to provide a home for abandoned children and

to prevent child abandonment from poor families.

International Foundation for Children and Families
Grant: 14 300 RON for creating a mobile indoor playroom. Mission: to improve hospitalization conditions for children from 3 state pediatric hospitals: Marius Nasta, Grigore Alexandrescu, Marie Curie.

Parada Foundation
Grant: 16 300 lei for a central heater and radiator.

Mission: to support abandoned and homeless children through professional and educational services.

Merci Charity
Funded:15000 lei for dental equipment and air purifier.

Mission: to provide mobile free dental services for underprivileged children.

September 2016 to June 2017

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Asociatia Datini Educatie Cultura-Gaujani 

Funded: 25 000 lei for building materials, to upgrade community center for teaching handicraft skills.  Volunteers completed the work.

Merci Charity
Funded: 21 627 lei for generator and air filter for mobile Dental Clinic.

Asociația Dr. Mamulea
funded:  25 000 lei for medical equipment
for Grigore Alexandrescu Hospital. 


Asociaţia Valentina România 

Funded: 6 000 lei for sewing equipment.

Școala Socială Sportivă Fundația Real Madrid București
Funded: 4000 lei for sports items

Asociatia Ateliere Fara Frontiere (REMESH)
Funded: 23500 lei for REMESH - REMESH video


Jesuit Refugee Services
Funded: 25000 lei for central heating, beds & mattresses.

Organizatia Suedeza pentru Ajutor Umanitar Individual
Funded: 7566 lei for therapeutic tools for elderly

September 2015 to June 2016

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Spitalul Militar (Miltary Hospital)
IWA paid for specialized medical equipment to treat burn victims after the Colectiv tragedy. The Versajet Machine will continue to be used by doctors to treat wounds at this public hospital.108000 RON donated.

Asociatia Free 
Reaches out to women and children trapped in the sex trade. Funds were used to furnish a shelter as well as items to be used for skills development. 4500 RON donated.

Casa Ioana
Provides shelter and services for women and children experiencing domestic abuse and family homelessness in Bucharest. Funds were used to purchase items for the shelter (bedding, kitchen supplies, furniture). 25000 RON donated.

Asociatia de Medicina Pentru Sanatate Publica
Serves children with ongoing and long-term medical treatments with occupational therapies, psychological assistance and various other supportive services to children. IWA grant purchased items to help furnish patients play room. 9000 RON donated.

Asociatia Sfantul Stefan
Assists children with severe neurological damage and motor impairments by using specialized medical equipment (sensory therapy). Funds were used to refurbish existing space and furnish living quarters for the patients. 25000 RON donated

Asociația de Terapie Comportamentală Aplicata
Supports children diagnosed with Autism specialized treatments to improve social integration and communication development. Our charity grant was used to purchase interactive materials and equipment to help stimulate development. 20000 RON.

Casa Shalom
Supports children and families at risk.
Provides shelter and opportunities for young ladies’ victims of human trafficking. Funds were used to purchase items used to teach cosmetology skills, jewelry making, culinary skills, and other trades.   25000 RON donated.

Nightingale Children Project
Provides housing for children infected with HIV/AIDS and prevention of young men and women getting involved in prostitution and trafficking. Funds were used to purchase kitchen equipment.  24000 RON donated.

2012 - 2015

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Grants in previous years not currently listed on our website.

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